Twice as Nice: metallic Sequin Tank (1)

Some Girls are just born with Glitter in their Veins

Good Morning everyone!

For today's post, I thought I'd give the Metallic trend a try ... but in a subtle, feminine way:
I chose a somewhat matte, (almost tarnished,) gold sequin tank and teamed it with a very soft, playful blush skirt; textured gold flats; and simple gold jewelry.

Take care and see you soon,

PS: Now that my little blog is 6 months old (thank you for all your support!) ... I think it's time that I "up" my posting to three times a week.  On a Monday and Wednesday, I will be sharing my "Twice as Nice" posts (ie. one item of clothing reworked into 2 different outfits).  On a Friday, I want to try something new ... an Inspiration day (ie. anything and everything that make my heart beat a little faster and sets my mind a'wander).