Friday Obsession: Gallery Walls

Happy Friday everyone!

I think that art has the ability to transform a house into a home. Especially, if the pieces are dear to you - mementos of people or places or events. All our art is unfortunately sitting in storage back in South Africa; waiting for us to become completely settled here in the USA. Until such time, I've been hoarding inspiration on pinterest.  Above are a few of the ideas I really like ...

<pic 1>  large, single pieces 
<pic 2>  free-standing clusters
<pic 3>  simple, clean displays
<pic 4>  large, complementing groups
<pic 5>  creating contrasts
<pic 6>  groups of three

Take care and see you soon,


  1. Who doesn't love a good gallery wall?! I'm trying to do one with kitsch vintage prints and wall embroidery art.

    1. That is going to be stunning! Please send me a pic when you are done?

  2. Great inspiration! I love utilizing art to decorate, especially if it's my own or something extra special!

  3. There is nothing I love more then saving inspiration on Pinterest. Love your style!!!!

  4. I don't have much of an eye for art, but I love frames like this when they're holding a touching black and white family shot or a nice quote that resonates with me. It's clean and modern looking.

  5. Lovely inspiration! The painting above the fireplace in the second last picture is funky.

    xo, jackie