Inspiration Board: Tights

Hi there!

Tights are really having their moment this season. From colored to sparkling, shredded to playfully patterned - many designers used them to add visual interest to their collections (and of course a little warmth).

some practical, cheap and fun shopping awaits ...

Take care and see you soon,


  1. Oh how I love your inspiration board. So sexy and sleek! My love for tights stems from my mom who has the biggest collection! They definitely can take your look to the next level. Those graphic net tights are right up my alley!

    xo, jackie

  2. Oh can't wait to grab some of these styles for the fall!!

  3. I need to find tights for my Halloween costume this Saturday!

    Shalanda Turner
    Live Life in Style

  4. Tights are my lifeblood. I recently bought a pair of faux over-the-knee tights, and now I am just craving them in more colors. I really like the playful patterned tights you picked in your last set of 6 tights. Such a statement piece!

  5. This is probably one of my favorite boards you've created! Every time Fall/Winter arrives I go crazy looking for fun printed tights! Thank you for all the inspiration!