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Good Morning

Many of the images I find don't fit neatly into any of the "categories" I  blog about BUT are too beautiful not to share ... so I've decided to create a new series "Moods". I really hope you guys will find some Monday morning inspiration here. Enjoy!

image 1: There is definitely an art to simplicity

image 2: Within a Dream | Andreas Klesse

image 3: "From the end spring new beginnings"

image 4: Still gorgeously romantic ...

image 5: Cafe au Lait Dahlia | Georgianna Lane

image 6: Geometrically genius!

image 7: I have a thing for brick walls ...

image 8: Crazy about these angles and proportions

image 9: All-white asymmetry is a beautiful thing

Take care and see you soon,

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  1. Stunning! great post!

  2. Love the new board! So many images to be inspired by. Like Image #2 - I could stared at it all day, just make me feel calm. Image #4 - dreamy and romantic. Image #8 - obsessed with this look. Love the cut, angles and proportions. Wish I could wear something like that.

    xo, jackie

  3. fun new post series. love these ones!